3 Proactive Ways To Enjoy Scratch-Free Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses that have visible scratches and other imperfections interfere with your ability to see clearly. Scratches on the lenses can make your vision blurry, create annoying reflections or glares, and cause headaches. You can possess more scratch-free prescription eyeglasses with a few simple habits. Take a look at these three proactive ways to enjoy lenses without scratches.

1. Clean Glasses the Right Way

Consistently clean lenses are less likely to receive scratches. However, many wearers inadvertently cause damage to lenses simply by their cleaning methods. Here's how to ensure clean lenses without causing tiny abrasions:

  • With clean hands, gently rinse your glasses under warm water to remove any dust.
  • Lightly rub the frames and lenses with a drop of mild dishwashing liquid to remove skin oil.
  • Rinse glasses with more warm water and carefully shake off water drops.
  • Dry your glasses with a clean microfiber or lint-free towel.

Many people choose the wrong material to dry glasses. A lint-free towel ensures your glasses do not get scratched during the drying process. Don't use rough materials that harbor dirt and lint to dry your lenses such as your shirt, napkins, or paper towels.

2. Handle Glasses the Right Way

Many scratches are caused by the way you handle your glasses. Frequent removal from your face increases the odds you place them down onto a hard surface. Try to hang them around your neck if you must take them off temporarily.

Use both hands to remove your glasses from your face, and touch them by the temples rather than the lenses. Grabbing glasses by the lenses can create scratches. Additionally, never place glasses on a hard surface with the lenses facing down. Lenses are more prone to scratches this way. Instead, fold them and place them so the lenses face up.

Lenses are also more likely to receive extra scratches when you forget where you place them. To keep better track of your glasses, store them in the same few areas around your home. Invest in several glasses cases to better protect them when you do not wear them. Stash a case in your purse, in your car, and even at work.

3. Invest in the Right Glasses

No scratch can be completely removed from eyeglass lenses. The best way to defeat the possibility of scratched or distorted lenses is to invest in prescription lenses with a special protective coating. Optometrists can recommend an optional scratch-resistant coating that increases the durability of lenses to resist most scratches.

To learn more about prescription glasses, contact a local optometrist.

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