Could Computer Glasses Benefit You?

If you do a lot of work on a computer, then you may wonder if computer glasses would benefit you. When you go in for eye care services for an exam, your optometrist may mention them to you after an examination. Many people swear by computer glasses, but not everyone needs them. If you are curious about computer glasses, then read on to find out more about them.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are specialized glasses designed to focus only on your middle visual range. They cannot be used for activities that require good distance vision like driving. Computer glasses are usually prescribed with single vision lenses. They often come with coatings to reduce glare and eyestrain. Computer eyeglass prescriptions are often calculated based on your usual computer distance as well as your current prescription.

Who Benefits From Computer Glasses?

People who tend to benefit most from computer glasses are those who already wear progressives or bifocal glasses. This is because those glasses are not well-designed for mid-range visibility. With progressives, especially, the mid-range portion is often too narrow for good visual acuity. Many people often have a hard time finding the right part of their progressive glasses for the best clarity while on the computer.

People who use single-vision lenses may also benefit from computer glasses. However, most single-vision lenses are better designed for mid-range vision than progressives or bifocals. If you currently wear single-vision lenses, you may still benefit from the anti-glare and blue light blocking properties of computer glasses.

Who Doesn't Need Computer Glasses?

If you are not experiencing any eye strain or vision problems on the computer, then you likely do not need computer glasses. You probably don't need computer glasses if you are not already wearing glasses. However, you should still get your eyes checked, especially if you use the computer as the main part of your job. If the computer light or glare is bothering you, you can find non-prescription computer glasses. Talk to your optometrist, first, before purchasing.

If you are already wearing glasses and spend a lot of time on your computer, then you may benefit from a special computer glasses prescription. Computer prescriptions are different from your regular eyeglass prescription. While you can calculate your own computer eyeglass prescription, it's best to have your optometrist do the calculations for you. If you're struggling with eye strain for any reason, then seek out eye care services for diagnosis and treatment.

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