3 Vision Concerns To Watch Out For

The eyes are an important part of the body, as they give us one of the most important senses -- the ability to see. If you aren't taking care of your eyes, you may be causing your vision to worsen without even realizing it. You should be doing what you can to take care of your eyes and your vision, and it starts with going to the eye doctor for routine eye exams. Going in for eye exams is important, as the optometrist can see if there is anything to be concerned about and have your eyes treated as necessary. If you are experiencing any vision issues, you should report them to the optometrist right away. Read on for a few concerns you should watch out for.

1. Constant Headaches

If you have constant headaches or you have migraines often, it could be due to stress or some other health condition, or it could be your vision. If your vision is failing or worsening, it will give you headaches, as you are straining to see and may not even realize it. These headaches may be felt behind your eyes, and it may help just to relax your eyes and close them. If you are experiencing headaches nearly daily, or more often than previously felt before, you should get to the optometrist for an eye exam.

2. Squinting Often

If you are squinting often in order to see, it's more than likely because your vision is worsening and you are straining to see. If you cannot see clearly, you need to have your eyes examined and your prescription updated so you can get lenses that support your new vision prescription. Squinting can lead to eye strain and cause headaches or can worsen your vision even further.

3. Pus Or Crusty Eyes

If you have pus or crust coming from your eyes, it may be because of an eye infection. An eye infection is usually caused by bacteria that are spread from your hands to your eyes. An eye infection will worsen if not treated properly, and it could affect your vision if you aren't careful. If you suspect you have an eye infection, you should have it treated by an optometrist.

If you have any of these eye concerns, you need to make an appointment with an eye doctor for treatment or for an eye exam to update your vision prescription.

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